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The Top 10 iOS 13 Features That Will Blow Your Mind

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Apple unveiled iOS 13 at its WWDC 2019 keynote presentation earlier last week. iOS 13 comes with incredible features and changes with improved performances. Its a good thing, considering last year’s iOS 12 was focused mainly on the mess which iOS 11 made. The iOS 13 update will be pushed to iPhone models starting with iPhone 6s.

Now lets go ahead and take a look at some of the most exciting new features of iOS 13.

Speed Optimization

At the WWDC 2019, Apple said that iOS 13 packs in a major boost in speed. Face id unlocks are now upto 30% faster, and app launches are set to become up to twice as fast as on the iPhone. Further, apps in the app store will become 50% smaller and 60% smaller for the app updates (surprising, isn’t it?).

Dark Mode

Now here comes the much-awaited feature of the update – system wide Dark mode. It turns white screen black and black text white to reduce eye strain, especially on low-light conditions. Also, dark mode ultimately means bigger battery life.

The dark mode can be turned on manually via the control panel. You also have the option to schedule the dark mode.

The Dark mode will work on all of the Apple’s core apps. Developers will also be provided with new tools and guides so that they can create apps with dark mode theme.


The camera app also has a number of features. Users will now be able to the adjust the intensity and position of studio lighting while taking photos in portrait mode. The camera app also features a new portrait lighting effect also called High Key Mono which helps create a monochromatic look in white background. The photos app also features a new UI, featuring advanced controls with greater accuracy and precision. Videos are now editable and rotatable.


Maps app has been rebuilt and now offers much maps in much more detail. Apple has also introduced a new feature called Look around that let users have a more realistic (3D) view while checking out a place, just like Google’s street view. Users also have an option to share their estimate time of arrival (ETA) with their friends and family with a single tap while navigating.


Apple’s iOS 13 brings a number of ways to create customizable memojis. Earlier, if someone wanted to make a memoji, they’d have to have an iPhone with true depth camera but now any user with an A9 chip or above would be able to create awesome memojis. Your created memojis will be later used in sticker packs which can be used in messages.

The new Memoji in iOS comes with over 30 new hairstyles and 15 new pieces of headwear. iOS 13 also brings 3 new Animoji characters – a cow, an octopus and a mouse.

Find My

The new Find My app replaces the Find my friends and Find my iPhone. Find My app uses single user interface and let users track their iphones (even when offline) and their loved ones .

Sign in with Apple

Apple always keeps security above everything. In iOS 13, apple introduces a brand new feature called ‘Sign in With Google’.

Sign in With Apple enable users to sign in to third party services. The gist is that its super secure, there’s NO TRACKING at all. You can either allow the app to get access to your name and email or let the service create its own fake email (this can be disabled at any time). The service will create a fake email for each app.


In iOS 13, the voice of Siri sounds more natural and smoother with neural text-to-speech. Siri now works with other websites and apps like Waze etc.

Quick Path Keyboard

iOS 13 features a new keyboard called the Quick Path Keyboard. The thing which is new in this keyboard is the Swiping function that means now you will be able to swipe across words to type just like any other third party keyboards like GBoard or Swiftkey.

Spam Filter

Spam filter will now be able to silence calls from unknown numbers and will send them automatically to voice mail. Which users will undoubtedly like.

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